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Uniting Communities Through Arts and Culture

Who We Are

The Unity Production Group, LLC is a

Professional touring theatrical company and producer of quality liturgical theatrical productions, concerts, workshops, and festivals.

TUPG has a theatrical following and footprint that reflects the creation of national award winning programs addressing spiritual and social issues through the arts.

Our philanthropic efforts are possible through the acquisition of public/private grants and corporate sponsorship.

Theatrical Productions

The Unity Production Group is a professional touring theatre company that produces and presents mainstage theatre productions that focus on spiritual and social issues throughout the United States. The Unity Production Group, L.L.C. has presented professionally produced gospel stage plays to audiences of thousands throughout the southeast. We seek to showcase the wealth of local talent in communities through the United States, celebrate a vibrant culture, and provide an opportunity for the community to fellowship together in unity.

Resource Development

TUPG identifies and secures earned and contributed funding sources for organizations from federal, state, and local public/private granting agencies and foundations, membership campaigns, revenue producing events and activities. TUPG staff of Certified Grants Specialists have over 30+ years of fund-raising experience, and has generated over $200,000,000 in grants and sponsorships

for a variety of non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, churches, and other community-based organizations. TUPG will design and develop printed and electronic collateral and supporting sponsorship materials to fit your organization’s brand and event goals.

Artists Residences

Your one-stop guide to artists’ residencies for theatre to include play writing, acting, directing, technical design/construction, visual artists, composers, choreographers, and more. Short and long-term residencies cover the broad range of the theatre production process, beginning from thematic play concept, to all performance aspects of a main stage production. Artist residencies are curriculum based and developed for colleges and universities, public and private K-12 schools, recreation centers, churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other agencies serving youth and adults. TUPG has been meritoriously recognized by the National League of Cities for having the most innovative municipal program in the United States for the “Cultural Renaissance” Arts Residency Program of Asheville, NC.

TUPG provides interactive educational experiences designed to contribute to the social and cultural development of all participants. TUPG has an established  community partnership between local schools with a successful track record of introducing theatre and its educational potential to students; providing opportunities for nurturing of young talent; providing a vehicle of creative expression for students; providing opportunities for students to work with professional artists.

Organizational Development

The pace of the non-profit world – and the complexity of community dynamics and challenges – have never been greater. In this environment, a key differentiator between thriving and stagnant non-profit organizations and companies is their leadership’s willingness to seek, embrace, and leverage qualified and experienced outside expertise. To benefit from fresh perspectives and innovative approaches, objective insights unburdened by internal biases, and lessons learned and best practices from adjacent markets. That’s why organizations come to the Unity Production Group.

We work with non-profit leadership and corporate executives to advance their leadership skills, help them successfully adjust to the changes that come with community needs, business growth, and improve the health of the organization itself through tailored strategic consulting engagements.

We help your company become committed to improve performance, empowered to effect desired changes, and be prepared for the journey ahead.